I am Chaos. I am the one who never got to become a star. The one who instead became the ruler of the cauldron, the dark birth place of the stars.
~ Chaos
Chaos 2

Sailor Moon confronting Chaos at the Galaxy Cauldron

Chaos is a major antagonist and final enemy in the Sailor Moon series.


In the anime, Sailor Galaxia battled against Chaos. In order to defeat it, Galaxia sealed it within herself to save the
Chaos (Sailor Moon)

Galaxia possessed by Chaos in the anime

galaxy.  Eventually, Chaos gained control over her and started stealing Star Seeds throughout the galaxy. In the last episode, Sailor Moon frees Galaxia from its control and returned Chaos to its rightful place within the hearts of everyone where it could no longer do any harm.


In the manga, Chaos resided in the Galaxy Cauldron, the center of the galaxy where everything was formed from. Its desire was to bring everything back to it and become one with everything in the universe. It had manipulated, instead of controlled, Sailor Galaxia into stealing Sailor Crystals. By the time Sailor Moon encounterd Chaos, it was already merged with the Cauldron so its destruction would mean the end for all new stars. Rather than destroying both Chaos and the Cauldron, Sailor Moon jumped into the Cauldron, and using the Silver Crystal, she dragged Chaos down with her, destroying him. Since Sailor Moon chose to preserve the Galaxy Cauldron, rather than destroy it, Chaos would return in the future, but it also meant new stars would be born, ensuring the galaxy's future.

All of the previous main villains in the manga (Queen Metallia, Wiseman, Pharaoh 90, and Queen Nehelenia) were all incarnations of Chaos.


  • Chaos is named after Chaos from Greek mythology. Chaos was a primordial god, a dark shapeless void, and the original state of existence from which the first entities appeared. The mythological Chaos was neither good nor evil, and was rather just the ultimate expression of nothingness and the antithesis of Cosmos.

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