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Daughter of the Mad scientist Antos Wyrick, aka Demagol. Chantique was sold into slavery by her own father, and became an overseer in the Crucible Slave Pits. Jarael defeated her, and she was shipped off to slavery and most likely raped by her owners. Begging for death at this point, she instead discovered her latent force powers. After brutally murdering her owners she escaped and rejoined, only to learn that Jarael had long since fled the Crucible. When Jarael resurfaced, Chantique began to plot her revenge. She initiated her plans when Zayne Carrick infiltrated one of her bases; she used a combination of her own natural phermones and the force to try and undermine his confidence in his friend, and forced him to fight a slave he had befriended in a battle to death. When the slave committed suicide Chantique mocked Zayne and left him alive purely to drive Jarael away, a ploy that ultimately worked, Later she had a vision of one of her bases being attacked, so she buried her former classmates alive. She fought Jarael and ultimately lost, then faced Zayne Carrick. After claiming the blade of Exar Kun, she was stabbed by her father, who demanded the return of his children. After revealling her murder of the others, she attempted to attack her father. Wyrick inadvertantly summoned a double bladed lightsaber, and as a result both were impaled. Chantique ultimately died in the arms of the father she hated.

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