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Why can't I fuck her?
~ Willie

William "Willie" Chandler Jr., Donald "Donny" Chandler, and Ralph "Ralphie" Chandler are the sons of Rutherine "Ruth" Chandler and are the secondary antagonists in the film The Girl Next Door and the novel of the same title.


Manipulated by their mother, they play a part in abusing the orphaned Loughlin sisters Megan "Meg" and Susan. They start off as bullying, but they take it to new horrifying levels when Willie rapes Meg, though Ruth immediately prohibits him.

Although they are loyal to Ruth and seem to care for her (i.e. Donny briefly mourning Ruth when she dies), as well as dealing with her vicious temper, unbeknownst to them, Ruth actually harbors hatred towards her sons more than the two girls, as they (her sons) remind her of her ex-husband (their father), also citing children as something akin to a parasite that takes away a woman's happiness. It is implied by David Moran (the male main protagonist) that Ruth would have betrayed and killed her sons anyway without showing any remorse.

At the end of the film adaptation, when David kills Ruth, Willie attempts to kill him in revenge, but is thwarted by Officer Jennings and another officer who arrest him (Willie), Donny, and Ralphie for playing a part in Meg's torture.

It is likely that they were sentenced to life in prison with no parole. Yet in the novel, according to David years later, Ralphie was claimed to have pulled off a brutal crime spree (presumably to revive Rutherine), though supposedly like his brothers, he (Ralphie) is presumed deceased.

They were portrayed in the film adaptation by Graham Patrick Martin, Benjamin Ross Kaplan, and Austin Williams respectively.