The King’s infused drool makes our people on Nekron strong
~ Chancellor Kooth

Chancellor Kooth was the mother of Jathro, the temporal ruler of the planet Nekron and the main antagonist of Series 2 of Wizards vs Aliens.

She is played by Victoria Wicks.


Chancellor Kooth was a female Nekross who had been ruling Nekron in place of the Nekross King due to him and his children Varg and Lexi traveling the universe in their spaceship the Zarantalus to look for magic to devour and would sent it back to Nekron for their rest of their people. Unknown to them, the Chancellor was conspiring with her son Jathro (who worked as a Technician onboard the Zarantalus) to overthrow the Royal family and rule Nekron herself.

She arrived on The Zarantulus and convinced the King to have a Contest of Devourment, in which Varg and Lexi compete against each other to see which one could capture the Nekross's wizard enemy Tom Clarke with the loser being eaten alive by the King.

However whilst this was going on, Jathro got the Chancellor the Catromister Quatrozeen, so she could have control over an armada of Nekross ships before revealing her betrayal to the Royals and her plan to destroy Earth in order to reach The Neverside and fed off the magic there. But Tom drank raw magic and gain powerful magic and forced the ships to leave and the Chancellor then teleported onto the Zarantulus, only to be eaten alive by the King.


The Chancellor has light blue/white skin with two antenna and a goatee. She wears blue and brownish gold robes and gloves.



  • The Chancellor's first name is unknown as in All Out War! Part 1, Kooth is revealed to be her surname as Jathro's surname is Kooth.
  • Despite being female, the Chancellor has a goatee, perhaps hinting that unlike humans, where males would grow facial hair, Nekross females grow hair.