Chan Jaoming is a supporting antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars.

Early Life

Chan Jaoming was born in 1969. His father is Hsin Jaoming but his mother is unknown. He planned to follow his father by becoming the leader of the Liberty City Triads. Eventually, he became the underboss but was still determined to become the leader. Hsin didn't have faith in Chan because he viewed his son as too stupid to run the gang.


There were many times when Chan was arrested. In 1999, he was caught for the position of heroin. In 2003, he committed extortion but was caught. Two years later, he stole property from a disclosed source. At some point in history, Chan murdered a news reporter when she acquired much information about him.


Chan competes against Wu Lee and Zhou Ming to become the new leader of the Triads.


Hsin notices the FIB is learning about the Triads. He accuses Huang Lee as the snitch. Wu manages to convince Hsin that more time is needed to search for the person responsible. During the search, Wu acquires evidence claim both Zhou or Chan are the snitch. Disgraced by his own son, Hsin orders Huang to kill Chan. As a result, Chan loses his lifelong attempt to lead the Triads. Huang also kills Zhou, which leaves Wu as the remaining heir.


Chan Jaoming is ruthless and power hungry. He'll do almost anything to acquire what he wants. He is corrupt, committing crimes without any hesitation. Chan is also very stupid. He easily get locked inside cars and doesn't understand how to open their doors.


  • He has a fake phone number. It is 555-6078-34.
  • He also has a fake email address. It is
  • He is the only antagonist in the series who never had any evil intentions regarding the protagonist, just the opposite, he considered Huang as his best friend to the moment he came to kill him.


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