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Chan Chong-Shan is ruthless leader of robber in Hong Kong film Eye in the
Chan Chong-Shan
is working with mysterious broker who betrayed him to sent the killers to kill before Shan kills him and also one of police officers by stabbed with a pen and dies leaving the police destvaed

he played by Tony Leung Ka Fai and Jung Woo-sung in 2013 remake

2013 remake

Shan was renamed as James (was played by Jung Woo-sung) despite credits for name his
James cold eyes
name didn't mentioned by characters

The opening of the film shows the police led by Hwang and rookie cop named Ha Yoon-joo pusting James in train when Yoon Joo was keep hide her identity and James at building  watched his gang  of robbers rob the bank by wearing the mask as The police put survielnce on him. Later James beat his henceman and sufficing to death by used the plastic bag in front of the gang and meet up with his broker