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Fresh Beat Band of Spies Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp Nickelodeon Nick Jr

Von Winning!!
~ Von Winnerchamp when he succeeds in stealing

Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp  is a thieving athlete, and the lot of main antagonists of the children's show Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


  • In Trophy Trouble, Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp disguises himself as a big-headed mascot to steal trophies all over town and tries to melt them in to one big trophy to award himself
  • In Masked Wrestler, When a mysterious challenger unmasks all the wrestlers in town, the Fresh Beat Band of Spies don masks of their own to reveal the cheating challenger is Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp! He was revealed when he lost all the wrestling belts he stole.


  • He stole all the presents from children in Bo's Birthday Bash.

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