Chameleon Imagin
Chameleon Imagin: The Chameleon Imagin wields a whip and can breathe fire. When Yū Yamagoshi wishes for "a hell of a lot of money," the Chameleon fulfills this wish by robbering banks. When he travels to the past, the Chameleon Imagin begins to destroy various cars while possessing Yamagoshi. The Chameleon Imagin overpowers Den-O Plat Form until Momotaros apologizes for his earlier squabble with Ryotaro and assumes Den-O Sword Form, slicing the Imagin in half at the waist with his Extreme Slash and destroying him.


  • As pointed out in the design book Imagin: Say Your Wish..., the first few enemy Imagin correspond to Riders from Kamen Rider Ryuki, with the Chameleon Imagin corresponding to Kamen Rider Verde.