Now you don't see me. Now you do.
~ The Chameleon

The Chameleon (real name: Panoleon P. Chameleon) is an art-loving sophisticated chameleon and a villain in the titular episode "Chameleon" of the Secret Secret Squirrel segment of the 2 Stupid Dogs series .\

He is the criminal mastermind who has pilfered all the art (only) for his own personal collection. He has the ability to blend himself in the fine arts of exquisite beauty.

Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole then outsmart him by trapping in a room full of "modern" art, which the Chameleon despises because he gets deformed from the abstract point of views. He was then trapped in a falling canvas and Secret Squirrel had called it "Still Life Without Parole".


  • His name "Panoleon" is play on the name of real-life French dictator Napoleon whose image is shown one of the many museum paintings stolen by Chameleon himself.
  • Chameleon shares similitaries with the futuristic sorceress Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII who both behave in refined manner and have a glittering collection of artworks.
  • He was voiced by Roddy McDowall.