Chameleon (James Bond Jr.)
The Chameleon, voiced by Alan Oppenheimer, is a recurring villain in the cartoon show "James Bond Jr.". He's one of the few villains of the show who never appeared in the original James Bond movies and was created for the series only.


The Chameleon

In the episode "The Chameleon", where he appears first, he steals a uniform to replace a general and steal a new tank for the criminal organization S.C.U.M.. When he learns that Lt. Casing is about to warn the General, he tries to kill her by throwing her out of a window in the disguise of an old woman, but fails. He later blames James's school mate Trevor for this by using the clothes of the woman and Trevor's face. When Chameleon finally takes control of the tank, James tricks him to blast a hole into a water pipe. The water damages Chameleon's implants, he jumps out of the tank and gets arrested.

Red Star One

Together with Dr. Derange, a member of S.C.U.M., the Chameleon steals the commands for the satellite Red Star One because they want to use the laser to break into the Russian treasury researval. The Chameleon tries to kill Bond by forcing him to go beneath a starting rocket, however he manages to escape. When the Chameleon and Derange are inside the treasury researval, Bond defeats Chameleon by using an extinguisher. Derange tries to escape whith the jewels which he doesn't need to share now, but fails.

The Art Of Evil

The Chameleon teams up with the illousionist Lex Illusion. The Chameleon scares people out of the Art museums so he and Lex can steal the paintings. Once again the Chameleon blames someone else for this, this time Bond himself. When he and Lex try to escape per underground train, Bond stops the train, leaving Chameleon and Lex at the hands of the police.

Powers and Abilities

The Chameleon is able to change his face and voice because of technology implanted under his skin that allows him to become everyone he once touched like Trevor or Bond (hovewer the electronic can be damaged when Chameleon's face comes into contact with water, giving him his true face back; or at last a distorted version of it). In "The Art Of Evil" Lex gives him a suit that changes his clothes along with his face so he doesn't have to change them.