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Chamelemon are minor villains in the anime series Digimon Frontier, and are Petaldramon's henchmen.


Chamelemon is an Armor Level Digimon that resemble chameleon-like animals that can become invisible like real chameleons.

Digimon Frontier

An army of Chamelemon appeared when they were terrorizing the Burger Village and kidnapped the Male Burgermon and forced him to make hamburgers for their master, Petaldramon. Despite having the ability to turn invisible, the Chamelemon were defeated and purified by Kumamon. After the Chamelemon were purified, they were reverted back into Armadillomons and fled for their lives.



  • Tongue Lashing
  • Wide Eyes


  • Chamelemon's previous Digimon form is Armadillomon

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