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Chakashi is an anti-hero from the Desert Coyote arc of the 2003 movie Atlantis II: Milo's Return He was voiced by Floyd Red Crow Westerman. he is an Indian Coyote spirit guardian of Atlantean architecture of a anicent indian village in Arizona. when a evil shop owner, Ashton Carnaby intends to pillage and destroy the place for its valuables Chakashi starts attacking Ashton milo and the gang and several others with dust Coyote spirits he controls in the end he turns Ashton Carnaby into a dust coyote spirit so that the secret of the indian village will be kept safe for all eternity he starts to turn Milo into one but he is able to convice him that they'll keep his secret, and has no intend on profiting or hurting the village so he lets them all go.

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