Chairface Chippendale

Chairface Chippendale is one of the main antagonists of The Tick comic book series created by Ben Edlund and its subsequent adaptations. He is a man who literally has a wooden chair for a head and his right-hand man is professor Chromedome. He is a parody of the deformed villains frequently featured in Dick Tracy comics, and his last name is in reference to the famous Chippendale furniture brand of the 1800's. He additionally has a son named Stoolhead. He is the arch-enemy of The Tick.

He was voiced by the late Tony Jay.

Evil deeds

Chairface makes his first appearance in the seventh issue of the comic and the second episode of the cartoon series respectively. The story arch in both media is very similar, but with detective Angus MacGuire's role replaced by American Maid in the animated version. Chairface is hosting a birthday party, inviting all of his criminal cohorts and associates to bare witness to his master plan, as he uses an incredible powerful laser beam to permanently carve his name in the face of the moon. The Tick and his friends are revealed as superheroes after Tick horribly blows his cover as a caterer by force-feeding one of the snobbish party guests crab cakes. Chairface suspends the heroes by a poly-carbon cable and lowers them into a pit of hungry alligators. In the comic, there is also a "Man Eating Cow" in the pit along with the aligators. The Tick and company manage to escape the death trap and arrive at the villain's base of operation, but not before Chairface and Chromedome successfully carve the "CH" and most of the "A" from his name into the side of the moon. Chairface and his lackeys fight the Tick and his friends, but are ultimately surrender when the heroes take control of the laser and threaten to blast Chairface into oblivion with it.In the comic series, the incident is covered up, and Chairface is not given credit for the "CHA" permanently carved on the moon, robbing him of the fame and dignity which he sought.


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