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Chainsaw Banki
Chainsaw Banki (20): A chainsaw Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast who Hiramechimedes rebuilt from the parts of Nokogiri Banki. Hiramechimedes planned for him to create lots of dust from cutting wood in a warehouse to cause an explosion, with the Go-Onger inside. Now chainsaw (チェーンソー, chēnsō)-based with his weaknesses removed, Chainsaw Banki was properly used by Hiramechimedes in a plan to take out both Go-on teams while polluting the air, only for Engine Jum-bowhale's interference to ruin it as Chainsaw Banki is scrapped by Engine Gattai SeiKuu-O. The building did catch on fire but the fire was put out by Jum-Bowhale. Destroyed by Seiku-Oh.


  • Height: 229 cm to 57.2 m
  • Weight: 258 kg to 645 tons

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