What? They were raised by their parents Ben. What do you think villains teach their kids? Kindness? Fair play? No way okay? Uh-uh. You stole another girl's boyfriend. Oh! You enjoy hurting people. And you... Your nothing but a golddigger and a cheater.
~ Chad's rant to Ben, Mal, Jay and Evie
Chad Charming is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Audrey) in the 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants and will appear in its upcoming sequel.

He was portrayed by Jedidiah Goodacre.


Chad is the son of Cinderella and King Charming, and the head jock at Auradon Prep. However, despite being a prince, he is a despicable person and a bully who frequently uses his charm and good looks to get what he wants, which is evidenced throughout the film. At the Parents' Day celebration, after Queen Leah (Audrey's grandmother) blames Mal for her mother's actions purely based on the resemblance, Chad seizes the opportunity to belittle Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos. After Evie heard that, she used the magic mirror to expose him as the biggest jerk in the land. Angry, he drops Evie's mirror, but an enraged Jay grabs him allowing Evie to spray on him some sleeping potion and he collapses. When he wakes up, he makes an angry stare at Ben. Notably, after the villain kids were ignored after the incident, he persuaded Doug and Lonnie to also ignore the villain kids.

During the coronation, Chad's true nature is revealed when Maleficent, now freed from the Isle of the Lost gate (unintentionally by Jane), crashes and interrupts the coronation, intent on claiming the wand and bending all of good and evil to her will. He is shown to be terrified of Mal's mother and her incredible power, cowardly throwing Audrey away from him and trying to hug Doug. Maleficent freezes everyone except for the villain kids, including Chad in his ridiculous position.

At the end of the film, Maleficent is turned into a small lizard, saving Auradon, and Chad winds up celebrating with everyone else and dancing with Lonnie during the closing number, seemingly seeing the error of his previous ways towards the VKs.


As he revealed his true nature when taunting Mal, it is seen he was manipulating Evie for money, power, and popularity. He also manipulates other girls so his plans with Evie won't fail. He is also seen near the end to be abusive towards Ben, as he tries to prevent him from marrying Mal, and get Mal humiliated as his act of revenge. When the Villain Kids come to the island, he follows the belief of "Once a villain, always a villain", to the point of wanting to frame them and get rid of them.

He is shown by the magic mirror to be the biggest jerk in the land, however he is nowhere near as dangerous as Maleficent.


  • Chad's real name is Prince Charming Jr.
  • Although Chad is the son of a Disney Princess and a Disney Prince, he is an antagonist because of his behavior. This also makes him the first offspring of a Disney Princess to be an antagonist. However, he does not consider himself evil, but he's more self-righteous in behavior.
  • A small fan base has heavily questioned whether or not Chad is really Cinderella's son as his behavior makes him more similar to the Tremaines than his mother.
  • He will return in the upcoming sequel Descendants 2.
  • Much like Audrey he seemingly redeemed himself but still regains his xenophobic behavior at times as proven in Return To The Isle Of The Lost.

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