Chad Bingham is a minor antagonist in the novel, The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. He is the de-facto leader of a Tent City in the Georgia Fields.


Valdosta, Georgia

Very little is known about Chad before or as the outbreak began. It is known that he was the father of a family containing four kids; A seven year old, nine year old twins, and a teenager. It is known that Chad tries to be like his father.


Tent City

Chad was one of the first survivors that Lilly Caul and Megan Lafferty meets up with. He quickly got in a relationship with Megan.

As they found the field, where the survivors decided to stay, Chad became the unofficial leader, along with Joshua Lee Hamilton. He was in charge of getting the circus tent up, using that for cover. He participated in the zombie attack at the camp, where he killed several walkers.

Later, Chad takes Joshua and many other members of the camp into the woods to scavenge, leaving Lilly in charge of his daughters. When walkers attack camp, Sarah is killed but Lilly saves his three other daughters. After they return, he takes a search party to look for Lilly, who collapsed in the woods while leading walkers away from the Bingham girls. When Dick Fenster tells everyone she is alive, Chad says,"Not for long." Megan intervenes and says that she protected his other three daughters. Chad leaves in a fit of anger.

Back at camp, a funeral ceremony is being held for Sarah, and the other 15 survivors that perished in the attack. Instead of attending, Chad and Lilly go off in private to talk. Lilly tells Chad that she is sorry and that Sarah died a hero. Chad replies to this by screaming at her and backhanding her across the face. He continues to severely beat her, bruising her face, three of her ribs, and causing a major contusion to her left eye. Joshua shows up and rips Chad off of Lilly. He continually hits him and slams his head into a tree multiple times. Lilly begs Joshua to stop, but when he finally does it is too late, Joshua had killed Chad.


Killed By

  • Joshua Lee Hamilton

After Chad severely beats Lilly, Josh shows up and grabs Chad. He hits him multiple times, and slams him against a tree repeatedly. He continues to hit his head against the tree, causing a hemorrhage and his skull to cave in. Joshua finally finishes him off with a backhand slap to the head.

Joshua is later exiled from Tent City due to him murdering Chad. Lilly, Bob Stookey, Scott Moon, and Megan Lafferty decide to accompany him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Chad has killed:


Novel Series

  • "The Road to Woodbury"


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