Chad and Jeremy are minor characters in the TV series Regular Show who were introduced in episode "Replaced". They were meant to be the replacement for Mordecai  and Rigby at The Park. Benson later offered them the job after firing Mordecai and Rigby, but they both turned it down and flew away with their phones. Both them again appear in a non-speaking cameo in episode in "Every Meat Burritos."


Chad: Chad is a brushtail possum who appeared in the episode "Replaced" as the replacement for Rigby. He seems to be very trustworthy. He got a degree from The Institute of Technical Technology along with his best friend, Jeremy. They are both seen eating burritos in "Every Meat Burritos."

Jeremy: Jeremy has white feathers, a grey tail, and an orange beak. He wears black, thick rimmed glasses, a red pullover hoodie, black jeans and white sneakers.


  • Both Chad and Jeremy's personality and appearance are based on light-negative stereotypical 2000's or 2010'a hipsters that mostly portrayed wear random cloths as they pleased but have no purpose itself, sometimes have Apple iphone as "Alternative phone" to other smart phones, obsession of concepts of Post-modernism or Irony itself and they probably their favorite beer is Blue Ribbon beer since 2000's.
    • It's also odd that Protagonist Mordecai is have some personality traits of 1990's and some 2010's hipsters like love indie songs regard how some songs are terrible, have some artistic talent, And wear some hipsterish clothes (along with Rigby) in one episode just to prove a point on their boss and later how they he and friend were get arrested for being "Too cool", And few people ('Self-identified hipsters') proclaimed themselves as "Smart" like Mordecai for despite being act smart, he usually distracted and rarely being moron like his friend Rigby. Which make some sense that he act like mostly positive hipster stereotype though rest of series.


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