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Chu Sing

Ch'u Sing is the main antagonist of the 2001 film Romeo Must Die, He's of Han & Po Sing, He's a sadistic crime boss and the boss of Kai.


Ch'u Sing is the leader of a triad gang and he is the father of Han and Po Sing, he is a friend of Kai's who he makes a business deal with and hires Kai to kill Po so he won't ruin a business deal that he made with Kai.

Fate & Death

Han says that Ch'u Sing had his son killed like a wild dog running in the street that no one cared about it. Ch'u Sing reveals to Han that he had Po killed since he would have compromised his deals with Kai and Roth. Han tells Ch'u Sing he failed at the right thing: To be Po's father.

Ch'u tells him what do you propose? To avenge the brother by killing the father? Go ahead if it will ease your mind. He hands him a gun and tears are running out of his eyes. Han declines, telling him that he has honored his brother properly and tells him that if the police don't get him and arrest him, the other Chinese families will hunt him down and kill him. He'd let fate decide what to do with his father, realizing that Ch'u no longer has a life, he grabs the gun and shoots himself in the head, committing suicide.