Cetus is one of Eris's pet monsters and the secondary antagonist in Sinbad: Legends of the Seven Seas. He is a large Kraken-like creature who was probably based on the Kraken from Clash of the Titans. He also has yellow eyes, tentacles, a long eel-like body, and a huge fish frill.

He is voiced by Frank Welker.

He was summoned to destroy Sinbad and his crew. When Sinbad reached to the spot where Cetus landed, the giant monster attacked the ship. Spike bites Cetus and throws him and Spike begin eating the tip of one of his tentacles that broke. Cetus shoots his tongue and grabs a crewman and they throw a cannonball which caused Cetus to spit out the crewman. Cetus was "killed" when Sinbad smashed it with a part of a ship, but he was however grabbed by Cetus and taken to Eris. Eris became mad that Sinbad defeated her sea monster. After her meeting with Sinbad was over, Cetus survived his attack and Eris told him that he did good. While Eris was taking a bath, Cetus and the other monsters were watching and Eris then summons her Roc.


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