Ceryx is the true antagonist and the final boss in God of War: Betrayal. He's the son of Hermes, and like his father, Ceryx is a Messenger God.


Ceryx is a tall muscular god. He wears a toga, a helmet with golden wings, and carries a staff with a golden bird on the tip.

God of War: Betrayal

While Ceryx was watching Kratos’ activities as the new god of war, he was sent by the gods to persuade Kratos to stop to what he's doing.

Ceryx also demanded Kratos to stop his pursuit of the assassin who killed Argos. Kratos refused to listen to Ceryx, and decided to kill Ceryx. After Kratos attacking and sucessfully killed Ceryx, Kratos realized that Olympus would never accept him and that this was only the beginning of the conflict he would soon have to face with the gods.

Powers & Skills

Ceryx is a God so he's immortal and can't be harmed by certain physical strength. However Ceryx isn't a warrior, but he does have certain attacks to defend himself. He can summon a deadly cerberus to help him, and his staff can generate electricity.

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