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Cerberus Leader is the secondary antagonist in the controversial video-game, Manhunt. He is Lionel's right hand and the leader of the Cerberus unit.


When James Earl Cash escapes from Ramirez and the rest of the antagonists, he faces the Cerberus, an elite group designed to capture Cash and protect Lionel at any costs. The SWAT arrives and tries to kill Cash, however, the Cerberus appears and kills every single SWAT member. The Cerberus Leader appears and tasers Cash, taking him to Starkweather's estate. Cash escapes along with the psychotic Piggsy during his time in the estate, Piggsy kills some Cerberus and Cash goes after Cerberus Leader, trying to get his elevator key. After a battle in the mansion, Cerberus Leader is finally killed by Cash.


  • Cerberus Leader's minions can be seen as a cameo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Cerberus Leader's armor is similiar to the standard Cerberus armor, however, Cerberus Leader has a digital eye-patch instead of a complete helmet.