Dorer is the Cerberus Saint in the XX Century. He is loyal to Athena, but thinks she is Aria, and Mars is a Athena new ally, so, obey his orders.


Dorer goes to Jamir search for Kiki, because he has powers to fix clothes, so, must be an ally or an enemy. He discovers Laki, so, discovers the probable place where Kiki lives (because this, Kiki notices Laki about evil guys and asks to she be careful). So, he goes notices his discovery to Sonia and goes to Jamir interrogates Laki; but, the bronze saints arrives there and fights against Dorer.

Dorer defeats Kouga, Yuna and Souma, but Kouga recovers the power and defeats Dorer.

After the war ends, Dorer goes to fight against Pallas, as a hero that know who is the true Athena.