Centipede Mutant
Centipede Mutant (36, 39) - A centipede monster. It can climb on ceilings and go underground. Centipede Mutant was first seen when the Gorgom High Priests became Grand Mutants. Gorgom had Centipede Mutant assume the form of Daijim Himiko (who was captured by Gorgom) to hypnotize people with its song to corrupt the hearts and minds of people. Kotaro ran a scan on a tape he purchased and discovered Gorgom's plot. He then stumbled upon a mansion where Daijim was being held and ended up attacked by Centipede Mutant. Kotaro transforms into Kamen Rider BLACK. Kamen Rider BLACK injures Centipede Mutant's right arm, but Bishium arrives and prevents Kamen Rider BLACK from using the Rider Kick on Centipede Mutant since she would not let Kamen Rider BLACK get to the real Daijim. Those that watched Daijim/Centipede Mutant's tape soon became her mindless slaves even when instructed to kill Kotaro. After dodging mind-controlled people, Kotaro gets contacted by the real Daijim and heads to that mansion again where he is attacked by Daijim. Kyoko arrives on Battle Hopper and exposes the imposter as Centipede Mutant. Kotaro transforms into Kamen Rider BLACK and fights Centipede Mutant. Kamen Rider BLACK was starting to get overwhelmed until Battle Hopper joins the battle. Once Kamen Rider BLACK killed Centipede Mutant with the Rider Kick, Daijim was rescued by Kyoko and the hypnotic spell was broken.