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Dial H

Floyd Bergson is a former Canadian government agent who tested an experimental time machine. however it instead gave him the ability to replicate himself and move at extremely fast speeds. After interrogating Vernon Boyne he not only finds out about Roxxie's secret identity as Manteau and sees Nelson Jent in one of his hero forms also finding out his identity. He chooses not to tell his superiors about it however and decides to steal it for his own personal gain. After eluding the police he confronts Nelson in the street and steals his H Dial. However the Dial doesn't cooperate for him and it gives Nelson and Roxxie a chance to knock him out and get away. When he returns to his people injured he is put in charge of making repairs to the Dial that they already have. He is also given a centipede mask from his general to go along with his name. Not only does he fix the Dial but is also able to train a solider to use it and attack Nelson and Roxxie. Later while a group of four teenagers Case, Ben, Al, and Gwen steal the Dial he attacks them in public. He is too powerful for them and he is able to defeat all of them in their villain forms and retrieve the Dial. however Roxxie in one of her hero forms knocks him out.


Centipede can replicate himself at will and can move at heavily advanced speeds.
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