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5 VENOM MOB The Centipede

Centipede, or The Thousand Hands, was a villain from the 1978 martial arts movie Five Deadly Venoms. He was portrayed by Feng Lu.


The Centipede was the first of the five students in the Venoms clan. He was trained beside the Snake , and as such the two of them knew each others' identities. Centipede's style was focused on rapid successions of punches or kickcs, going for quantity rather than power. As part of the Venoms clan, it can be assumed that Scorpion preformed several assassinations, and likely did many of them beside Snake.

After retiring, Centipede took the name Ma Chow. He remained friends with the Snake and the two of them preformed many discreet crimes together. 

At the beginning of the film, Centipede has discovered that the former master of the venoms clan has died of sickness. He and Snake, under the orders of Scorpion  break into the house of one of the masters's friends, looking for a map to the hidden treasure. The two got more and more aggressive, eventually killing the man and his entire family (Centipede managed to break all of a man's ribs with his Kung Fu). 

Centipede was seen, however, and was taken into custody. As the courts of that era required someone to admit to a crime before being punished, the Centipede managed to avoid punishment for the day. After this Centipede and Snake tracked down the witness and intimidated him into changing his testemoony to incriminate Liang Shen (a fellow Venom trained in Toad style, as well as a city guard). After the court tortured Toad into admitting to the crime, Centipede hired the court doctor to kill him, than killed th witness. When the court doctor killed Toad, he was killed by Centipede soa s to leave no loose ends.

Even when Centipede discovered that Scorpion was in fact the police chief, and was hiding the map from them, he still fought besides Scorpion against Gecko and Yang Tieh.