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Centaurs are legendary beings described as half man and half horse, although in modern times many depictions of Centaurs are romantic and even heroic (exceptions to this are Nessus from Disney's Hercules), the traditional tales of the Centaurs held them to be a brutal race prone to drunkness, looting and defilement.

Centaurs often drank and fought amongst themselves as well as against various humans, often due to their piratical raiding of towns and their habit of kidnapping women.

Although often dangerous even in the days of ancient Greece there were examples of honorable Centaurs who aided humans rather than attacked them but they were considered the exception rather than the norm.

In some causes, they can weild a verity weapons, often spears, bows and arrows, or in some occations, perfer fighting with fists and their horse legs cause, well, we know that horses on their own can seriously hurt or even kill humans with just a well place kick!

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