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The Cellar Dweller is the titular villain of the horror film of the same name. It is actually a powerful demon summoned via drawing its image in a comic strip, allowing it to manifest in the real world and granting its summoner limited reality warping abilities.

The Cellar Dweller in turn has vast supernatural abilities and superhuman strength, able to mangle victims limb from limb with its powerful arms and its favored attack is to tear a victim apart and feast on their body parts, the creature is thus very feral in mannerism and a prolific man-eater.

This doesn't mean the Cellar Dweller is a mindless monster either, like most demons it displays immense intelligence and even speaks every now and then, taunting victims and causing havoc - its one fatal weakness is any damage done to the comic strip will harm it in turn, thus via burning the comic strip a summoner can effectively burn the demon to death.

Unfortunately due to being a demon the Cellar Dweller can always return to life if he is drawn again, indeed at the end of the movie he proudly declares "as long as imagination exists I will prevail" - suggesting he is an embodiment of the darkest fantasies inside all humans (hence his violent, sadistic nature).

In appearance the Cellar Dweller is a massive troll-like creature with a Satanic Pentagram carved onto his chest, his muscular body is equipped with sharp claws and fangs as well as large earss, making him appear as a fusion of a traditional Devil and an ogre, he is also rather hairy and unkempt like a yeti (or were-beast).