Celestia Lindwurm
Celestia Lindwurm is the final stage boss of eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate and Black Package. She is a dragon and the older sister of Rayne Lindwurm, who has never bested her in battle up until the events of both Jade Penetrate and its remake. She is one of many participants in the Cardinal Lord tournament.

She is voiced by Shizuka Itou.


Celestia is a prodigy in sorcery who is rumored to be the strongest candidate to be accepted as the next of the Cardinal Lords. According to legend within the Belphegor Academy of Sorcery, Celestia took on all of the most formidable fighters when she joined it, sending them all to the hospital each before declaring herself to be "Number One". Celestia is aloof and has never been able to be bested by her younger sister, Rayne, up until the events of Jade Penetrate and Black Package.