Cecilia Steele is the secondary antagonist in the 1957 film Untamed Youth.

She was portrayed by the late Lurene Tuttle.


Married to a rancher, Steele was forced to sell the ranch after the death of her husband to Russ Tropp. Tropp soon began a relationship with her, seeing her as an easy target to manipulate. Steele fell in love with Tropp and believed that he loved her as well, but this was not the case. By 1957 the pair had secretly married, most likely as a way to protect Tropp in case his wife was ever called to testify against him - she could then take the 5th instead of testifying against him.

Tropp worked out a deal with her to sentence young people to work on his ranch. Believing that Tropp treated people well and within the law, she began sentencing people to work on that farm instead of putting them in jail. Given a choice most of the young people decided to go work on the farm. However Tropp was a greedy sociopath who mistreated the people working on the farm, feeding them dog food and not having them medically cleared before working on the farm. Additionally Tropp would prey sexually upon the steady supply of young women sentenced to work on his farm.

When Steele's son Bob returned after being away, he got a job with Tropp running a harvester. Bob began to see the truth of what Tropp was doing to all the young people on the farm and confronted his mother. Steele didn't want to believe her son at first. She had the inmate Jane brought to her and questioned her at length about what was going on at Tropp's farm. Realizing that she had been played for a fool she went to the farm.

Once on the farm she found Tropp working with a Mexican coyote to bring 300 people over the border from Mexico to work on his farm for almost nothing. She also found that Tropp and the corrupt deputy sheriff had put her son and Jane's sister in a patrol car, intending to take them off and murder them. Steele ordered the sheriff to arrest both Tropp and the coyote. She then commuted the sentences of everyone on the farm to time already served. Steele said these would be her last acts as a judge and that she would resign.

After Tropp's arrest Bob was able to regain possession of the family ranch. Marrying Jane the couple moved into Bob's childhood home and Bob began his new life as a rancher, with Judge Steele living with them at the ranch.