Cecil Turtle's Goons are minor villains in Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run. They are former mute bodyguards of Cecil Turtle, who aid him in his pursuit for Lola Bunny's invisibility spray, also craved by Marvin the Martian, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd & Giovanni Jones. In the climax, the goons reveal themselves as Instant Martians in disguise, being henchmen of Marvin all along, to Cecil's dismay.

Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run

The goons first appear in Lola's apartment and attack her for the spray. They miss and try to shoot her, but she escapes.

They next appear by kidnapping Lola and take her to a smelter where they tie up and gag her and leave her to be smelter (under orders from a reluctant Cecil), then leave to find Giovanni Jones, who had the spray at the time.

They accompany Cecil to the airport and fly to Paris with the protagonists, Giovanni, and Yosemite Sam onboard. Bugs and Lola get the spray and bail out after a fight with Sam, so Giovanni doesn't have it. They arrive in Paris and manage to avoid Elmer Fudd and Interpol. Giovanni tries to tell Mr. Moufette about his delay, but Cecil and his goons corner him.

Bugs and Lola are accosted by Elmer and his agents who are interrupted by Cecil and the goons. A fight for the bottle leads to them being beamed to Mars by Marvin the Martian. It is then the goons revealed themselves to be Instant Martians. A chase results in the planet exploding, but it is unknown what became of them.


There are some points that foreshadow the goons are Martians:

  • They use ray guns instead of regular guns.
  • Cecil asks them how much they're getting paid. They don't answer. In fact, their expressions stay the same for the entire movie.