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I gotta say, Cecil, you're a criminal mastermind.
~ Bugs Bunny showing Cecil's evil personality.
Oh, did I say there was good news? Mwah-ha-ha!
~ Cecil Turtle

Cecil Turtle is a character created by Tex Avery for the Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Tortoise Beats Hare", here he was a Heroic character. who beats Bugs in a race by cheating with the help of his lookalike cousins. However he is a main antagonist of The Looney Tunes Show (2011-2014) in the second season. He used to work in the local cable company as a customer service representative.

He is considered one of the show's main recurring antagonists along with Marvin, Yosemite Sam, and Wile E. Coyote - however, unlike the nerdy Marvin, the bad-tempered and cantankerous Sam, and the ravenous and acquisitive Wile E., Cecil is a very goofy, stupid, selfish, arrogant, eccentric, and outlandish villain: unfortunately, he also seems to hold considerable power, despite his idiocy and thus can cause trouble for the show's heroes.


Cecil is quite the dishonest, fraudulent, treacherous, manipulative, and calculating trickster. Every Monday, he picks a customer of Visitron Cable and turn off their cable. He then waits for the customer to call and then he makes the process very painful including telling them someone will be there somewhere between 8:00 P\AM and 6:00 PM (the whole day) and then when the

customer goes to the bathroom he knocks on their door and runs away leaving a sign that they missed him.

Cecil later reveals that he is an even worse character, ready to con people out of their money, by faking injuries and wearing a cracked shell, then tricking the people into handing over all their money. He was even apparently willing to murder to cover his secret. However, he was stoped by getting slingshotted by Daffy's recliner (it was sold and then bought by Cecil), cracking his real shell into a wall, claiming that he has two cracked shells. He got arrested in the end in the outro and vowing revenge on Bugs for ruining and ended his entire false injuries con spree.

Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run

Cecil also appears as a supporting antagonist in Rabbits Run. He has two Goons for bodyguards, until he is dismayed to find out that they are Instant Martians in disguise, working for Marvin. He is another craver for Lola's invisibility spray. He kidnapped Lola during the film and probably doesn't even mind to kill her along if he's going get paid for it.



  • He was fired from his job at Visitron Cable by Daffy, who in turn was fired for firing everybody. He was the only employee at Vistron Cable deserved and have a reason to get fired because turning off Bugs' cable for no reason but his own sadistic fun.
  • Bugs tricked him and got his cable turned back on shortly before getting fired.
  • In the original shorts, Cecil competed against Bugs in races and outsmarted Bugs to win. Unlike today, Cecil was the hero of the pictures and succeeded with his plans back then, that was part of the story of The Tortoise & Hare in the Aesop storybooks. He's the only character ever beaten and outsmarted Bugs Bunny three times in a row.
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