Cavity creep

The Cavity Creeps are the main antagonists from a series of Crest Toothpaste TV ads airing from the late 1970's to the early 1980's. At least eight different commercials were created, along with some re-edited variations to allow for changes in product. 

The Cavity Creeps are a race of evil, tooth-hating creatures at war with the Crest Team, defenders of the city of Toothopolis. The city is surrounded by a wall of teeth that must be constantly defended against decay. The Creeps bring a variety of weapons, both low-tech (picks, hammers, catapults) and high-tech (jet fighters, rocket packs), as well as clandestine (a Trojan-horse style giant birthday cake) to mount their assaults.

In one typical adventure, Cavity Creep scouts see that the Crest Team are not using their usual Crest to maintain the city walls, and decide to attack with drill-type weapons. Unfortunately, the defenders are using a new, more powerful Crest toothpaste, Crest Gel, and defeat the Cavity Creeps once again.

The Cavity Creeps have also appeared in pop culture. In the South Park Imagination Land Trilogy, The Cavity Creeps are shown as powerful soldiers of the army of evil. They also appeared in one of Family Guy's cut-away gags, where it is revealed that Peter was once a Cavity Creep.

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