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Catzi is the oldest of the Negamoon Sisters in the English anime, 'Sailor Moon', while in the Japanese version and the mangs she is the youngest. They work for Rubeus. She has blue hair that resembles cat ears. She attacks by using dark fire. She is in love with Rubeus.

She was the first to seek out Rini, but was defeated by Sailor Moon. Afterward, she tried to take over Raye's temple, but was defeated again, and her droid Rhonda destroyed. She made one more attempt
Catzi img
to take over the temple, but this was foiled, and Rubeus rejected her. Catzi eventually decided to turn good, so Sailor Moon used Moon Crystal Healing Activation on her to heal all the darkness within her, and from here, she opened a cosmetic shop.

Catzi is the first of the Negamoon Sisters to turn good.


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