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The Catwomen are antagonists in the 2013 Nostalgia Critic episode Catwoman and are a troupe of fanatical women who want to sabotage his review. They are Eartha Kitt, Sean Young, Pfeiffer and Anne Hathway, and are portrayed by Malcolm Ray, Rachel Tietz, Sean Young and Tamara Chambers, respectively.

The Catwomen - consisting of Eartha, Michelle, Sean and Pfeiffer - are insane that Halle Berry "stole" the role of Catwoman from them and so they band together to form a society called the Catwoman. They are with a counselor in an Anonymous session, and he says they are making good progress, until Sean mentions "She Who Must Never be Mentioned", who is Halle Berry, and they all riot and tie up the counselor to be eaten by a lion. (He escapes.) The Catwomen agree that Halle Berry stole their roles from them and the Nostalgia Critic is reviewing a Catwoman  film, and therefore they head to his house to confront him. Pfeiffer says "Critic, this is just a warning - you had better look round every corner!" and he is confused, so he tries to continue his review, but then he hears a knock on the door. He opens it, much to the Catwomen's surprise, because they had bet he wouldn't. So they punch him, run into his house, only to break their shoes and fall on his carpet. He scoffs that their weakness is fine shoes, but is shocked when they have machine guns in the shoes. The Nostalgia Critic runs down to the basement and finds a manual called How to Train Your Catwoman and distracts them from attack by having a romantic dance sequence, and playing with their dual characters. (i.e. Norman Osborn.) The Catwomen are angry when the Critic runs away during a dance; and so they chase him once more, but then when they use Eartha as a human battering ram, Sean says she has a "better idea" and runs off. When the Critic runs outside and the women follow, they are all shocked by Sean riding a giant sand worm over the town. He yells that he is a German give the dog a bone and tries to get the worm to attack; but all it wants to do is go back to burrowing, and it drags her into the earth. But she tunnels up and attacks again. But finally the Critic explains to the Catwomen that they all suffer from Catwomen Raging Against Halle Berry syndrome - i.e. CRAHBS. This finally calms them down; and the Critic says about the Internet being for porn nowadays, saying they can get to making money on this. He tells them to be glad they were never in a God-awful Halle Berry movie. Satisfied, the women cease their attack and turn to watching YouTube videos of cats. But the Critic is now attacked by a vengeful Halle Berry.

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