Catherine Schade

Catherine Schade is the mother of Adalind Schade, like her daughter, she was in the service of Sean Renard, and was implied to have sexual relations with him. She was known at least by reputation in Europe.


Catherine raised Adalind. She can to visit her, on the eve of the unfolding of her plan, to get hold of Nick's key by bewitching Hank's partner. However after Adalind failed, and her powers stripped, she was merciless, insensitive, and unsympathetic, so she had no problems disowning her daughter.

After Adalind cursed Juliet, Sean went to Catherine to try and find a cure, Catherine revealed despite disowning her, she was sorry for her daughters fate, and felt Nick had killed her rather than simply stripping of her powers. She also blamed Sean for some of the mistakes Adalind made. She managed to produce a way to wake Juliet up, and gave it Sean. Before she was attacked by Kelly Burkhart, demanding answers for Juliet's condition. The Hexinbiest refused to talk, only revealing there was a royal living in Portland. The two descended into a fight, at the fights peak Kelly accidentally threw Catherine into a giant mirror, impaling her neck and killing her.