Catherine Rain Bilstein, or rather, Rain, is a villainess from Capcom's 3d fighting game Star Gladiator, who first appeared in its sequel Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein, known as Star Gladiator 2 in Japan.


Rain is Dr Edward Bilstein's powerful, greedy and beautiful daughter, as well as the heiress of the Fourth Empire, who was kept a secret from the eyes of the entire world and only Byakko knew of her existance.

Despite being the daughter of an emperor and gifted with an army at her disposal, she considers them worthless, preferring to carry out missions herself. Much like her father, she's very knowdeable about Plasma Power and has powerful fighting skills. She also rules with an iron fist and is willing to annihilate all who oppose her.

Being a Plasma Power wielder she has telekinesis, mind control and is capable of use ice magic. She fights with a laser scythe called "Plasma Scythe", moving gracefully while attacking with precision. Her swordplay skills can only be rivaled by that of Hayato, Blood Barbarians and her own father.

Role in Plasma Sword

After Bilstein freed himself out of Planet Zeta's prision by the usage of his new cybernetic body, he called upon his loyal subordinates once again and restored the Fourth Empire. He declared war on earth and called upon his daughter to seek, capture and imprison all male Plasma Power masters in his lair. It took a while for her to decide what to do before finally taking action.

She only has one ending so far, which is her arcade mode: After succesfully completing her mission, she returned to Bilstein, who reveals his true intentions: To obtain a sample of their DNA, focusing specifically on Hayato and impregnate his own daughter, making her the mother of what he called "The New Human Race": People who would be capable of using Plasma Power in its full extent.

However, much to his dismay, Rain finds his plan boring and instead, turns against him and challenges him for the seat of the Fourth Empire. After killing her own father, Rain proceeded to release all of her subjects and used her mind controlling abilities to force them to obey her.

In the end, she proclaims herself as empress with all men as her slaves.