Catherine Madison was a powerful witch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the chief antagonist of "The Witch" - where she was guilty of switching bodies with her own daughter, Amy, in order to relive her own youth. She also enjoyed cursing those that displeased her and living up to the stereotype of a "wicked witch". When inside Amy's body she showed that she was willing to go to desperate lengths in her attempts to be a cheerleader. Among these were dangerous hexes on the several cheerleaders when she became an alternate. Eventually Buffy and her friends find out that she stole her daughters body and help reverse the process. Angered she tried to kill Buffy and her friends before trying to steal Amy's body.

In the end Catherine is defeated when one of her curses is deflected by Buffy using a steel vent cowling, causing her to become trapped within one of the school's cheerleader trophies she won years ago. Her ultimate fate is unknown but she and the statue are presumably destroyed when Sunnydale is blown up to kill Mayor Wilkins.