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The Caterpillar (referred to Orange and Pear as the Pistachio-Eating Caterpillar) is a minor character who only appeared at the end of Mystery of the Mustachios. He ate the Leader Mustachio after all the other mustachios were eaten due to Dane Boedigheimer's hand. He only appeared once in the episode. He is the only caterpillar in the series.


A pistachio-eating caterpillar was mentioned several times by Orange in the episode. After almost all of the Mustachios were killed, Leader Mustachio remains, by the warning of Orange and Pear, a real pistachio-eating catepillar came to eat and devour Leader Mustachio, while Orange and Pear watched and screamed in horror. He later coughed up the fake mustache, saying "I hate it when those guys don't shave!" then he chopped