You being the hero of all of this, means that I have to be the villain. BUT I NEVER WANTED TO BE THE VILLAIN! I wanted to be the cute sidekick who gets his own plush toy and a spinoff show!
~ Rob to Gumball.
Kakarot... Please... Destroy Frieza. He made me what I am. Don't... let him... do it... to anyone else. Whatever it takes... Stop him... Please.
~ Vegeta before his first death.

Villains by Proxy are a subset of Amoral villains (except for few cases, such as the murderer of Roblox) who have absolutely NO wish to be evil, but are pushed into it either by circumstance or as a result of the story's unique angle; in other words, they are villains despite themselves.

Villains by Proxy include several kind of characters:

  • The Pawn: Those who are tricked, blackmailed or forced into becoming regular threats to the forces of good against their better judgment. Often they don't even want to fight the heroes, but more powerful villains have forced them to cooperate with them. Itachi Uchiha is a noteworthy example.
  • The Antagonist Hero: Contrasted to the Protagonist Villain whenever it is not a case of Evil Vs. Evil. More than a few games feature villain protagonists who fight non-evil antagonists, such as the Olympians from God of War.
  • The Incidental Villain: Villains who are only precisely as evil as they need to be to reach their goals, which are for the greater good. They commit evil acts for purely practical means to an end, similar to Extremists and often overlapping with Rivals, except that it is never personal. An example: V.
  • The Hungry Predator: Carnivorous animals or monsters that are only hostile out of hunger or survival instinct. They often have no true hatred or dislike for the protagonists; they simply want to eat them, like any real-life wild animal views its prey. See Anacondas.
  • The Unaware: Characters who are simply completely unaware of the circumstances surrounding what they are doing. Often, they are heroic characters who simply don't know any better in that situation. These villains nearly always redeem themselves after realizing what they are doing. Excellent examples are Alister Azimuth and Master Pang.
  • Possessed/Brainwashed: Individuals who became antagonists due to hypnotism, brainwashing or possession such as Cynder and Euphemia li Britannia. Regardless of how cruel or unnecessary are their acts, it is never of their fault.
  • The Mentally Ill Scapegoat: Characters who lived absolutely horrific events and perpetual abuse, which completely shattered their sanity such as Hansel & Gretel from Black Lagoon or Leatherface.

Whether blackmailed, tricked, a hired hand, amoral, ill, enslaved, or a villain simply by merit of being in the protagonist's way, just about all Villains by Proxy are only antagonists because they need to be and not by their own design.


  • All characters must still function as antagonists. Please do not use this category to try to pass off antagonist heroes or some antiheroes as villains; antagonists MUST either have at least have some malicious intent to them or must cause conflict in order to apply.
  • None of these characters are Pure Evil since it applies to intentional evildoing.

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