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The blood is the life!
~ Words of Dracula.

Blood-sucking undead creatures of the night. Although originally conceived as horrible zombie-like thralls in European folklore, Vampires have become popularized as much more intelligent, human-like beings that are labeled "living dead" so as to enhance the idea of them being more powerful and smarter than the usual undead.

Alternatively, a vampire can be any kind of creature that is said to feast regularly on blood or other sustenance (such as energy, life-force, etc), though beings that steal life-force may be closer to a Collector Of Souls.

Many vampires are also very well-known for their ability to shape-shift into animals such as wolves, bats, owls, ravens, foxes, rats, moths and cats, as well as having mist all around them during their appearance. Their prey can be humans, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, birds (such as chickens, ducks and geese), and rodents (such as mice and squirrels).

The most well-known example of a vampire is Dracula.

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