Carrie had some sort of power, but she was just like me. Like any of you. She had hopes and she had fears, and we pushed her. And you can only push someone so far... before they break.
~ Sue Snell giving a testimony of how Carrie White was bullied into madness.
Villains who, although acting for primarily evil goals, have understandable reasons for their motives due to suffering; hence, the reader/viewer can sympathize with them. Most of these villains are not in full control of their actions/emotions due to them not being evil by choice, but rather by them being (for the most part) a victim of circumstance.

These characters are often suffering from Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and can develop into delusionalinsecure, or megalomaniacs villains because their experiences develop their beliefs into obsessions, twisting them to insanity.

There are three ways to declare a Tragic villain:

/!\ However, Pure Evil villains CANNOT fall under Tragic, regardless of their past or conditions.

Even if they are given a reason for doing what they are doing that involves a traumatic experience in their lives, they are FAR PAST tragedy due to their horrendous actions, as seeing in the case of Adam Taurus, Aerys II Targaryen, Ahmanet, AMArchibald Snatcher, Ardyn Izunia, Baron Kelvin, BernkastelBlack DoomCarnageCorrine DollangangerDandy Mott, Darth BaneDarth Krayt, Dio Brando, Donquixote Doflamingo, Dr. Charles Decker, Dr. Doom from the 2005 movie version of Fantastic Four, Dr. Vannacutt, Emperor Ganishka, Freddy Krueger, General Modula, Griffith, Hidan, Howard PayneIsaac Ray Peram Westcott, Kefka Palazzo, Koba, John DoeLionel Starkweather, Lord Cutler Beckett, Lord Voldemort, Lots-O' Huggin' Bear, Luca Blight, Maestro, Makuta TeridaxMichael Myers, Mick TaylorPiper ShawRed Skull, Reed RichardsRize Kamishiro, Roman Bridger, Scarecrow, SCP-106Superboy-Prime, The Collector, The GovernorUltraman Belial, Utrom Shredder, William AftonYuuki Terumi, and so on.

Either their "tragedy" would be extremely pity to be realistic (e.g. Sora Takigawa), or they'd simply use it as an excuse to justify themselves and nothing more. Through their evil acts and by having no empathy, the Pure Evil villain manages to destroy their own innocence and as a result, the villain is no longer sympathetic. Those villains fall under Fallen Heroes and/or Vengeful categories instead.

Furthermore, some of their excuses are just what they deserved (e.g. Demigra, Mary Shaw, Mason Verger, Max Cady and Randall Flagg); some even fake at least one tragedy occured on them (e.g. Caesar Clown, Chairman Drek and Infinite).

Also, DO NOT add certain characters like these, even if they are not Pure Evil:

This category is for characters whose tragedy is not only TRUE and LEGITIMATE, but STILL holds up even after they've crossed the Moral Event Horizon.

Most of these characters are Fallen Heroes


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