So why don't you do me a favor and pull the trigger! Pull the trigger! Do it! Do it, motherf**ker!
~ Rick Sanchez demonstrates his suicidal tendencies when he orders Morty to shoot him.

Villains who have either attempted to take their own lives, succeeded in doing so, or have been overly eager in the face of death. There can be several different reasons for this, including remorse, honor, avoiding a worse fate, despair, sacrificing oneself for their greater cause or allies; insane nihilism, the hope that they will take the hero(es) down with them, or even redemption.

Examples of successful suicides include Vanessa VanCleef (who was trying to take the adventurers down with her), the Master (because of a failed plan), Kratos (his suicide is an example of a redeeming one), The Joker (he snapped his own neck after he was paralyzed in The Dark Knight Returns, making the police believe that Batman strangled him to death), and Billie227 (Laura, the true identity of Billie227, successfully committed suicide after being severely cyber-bullied and returned as a vengeful ghost to kill all of her tormentors).

Examples of failed suicides include Cell (who tried to blow himself up and take the world with him when initially beaten by Gohan), the Nostalgia Critic (he attempts suicide several times after watching bad films), Rick Sanchez (who, after being dumped by Unity, tried to kill himself with a homemade death ray but passed out due to his being incredibly drunk before the death ray would have killed him), Deadpool (who has frequently tried to kill himself in order to finally be with Death, yet always fails due to his healing factor) and Al Bundy (often because his life is terrible).

It is important to note that, if the villain does take their own life, it must be ON PURPOSE to qualify as Suicidal. Villains who accidentally kill themselves DO NOT QUALIFY.