Kill as much as you want! Have fun!
~ Ridley
Serial Killers include villains who personally killed at least three people. They usually have "cooling off" periods in which they won't commit any murder.

Serial Killers include:

Serial killers are much more dangerous than Murderers who killed only one or two people as they are more experimented and competent or alternatively less remorseful than Murderers.

Do NOT include generic Cataclysmic villains (e.g. Frieza or Abraxas) who butchered without distinction entire worlds, galaxies, universes or even realities, as this category is meant for villains who target individuals. (Such villains can still qualify if, aside destroying worlds, they also have killed multiple individuals who stood in their way.)

Also, do NOT add villains already under Murderers to Serial Killers or vice versa. Being a serial killer disqualifies the villain from a simple Murderer. In addition, Serial Killers do NOT necessarily have to be Pure Evil unless they have the intent on claiming other lives in a gruesome manner.

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