The Devil made me do it!
~ Bray Wyatt

Characters, groups or creatures related to Satanism, the worship of Satan, the most powerful and evil fallen angel after his rebellion towards God in Christian lore.

Satanists are usually extremely dangerous individuals who are incited to use very despicable means, such as murders and rapes, to worship the Devil. Many may also try to summon him, usually to gain demonic powers, demonize communities or, in the worst of cases, unleash the apocalypse, and few of these characters may succeed. As a consequence, many of them are possessed/brainwashed by the Devil, once the last has merged into the in-universe realm, to accomplish evil deeds.

Because of this, Satanism is considered the most sinister branch of dark magic, though it is often exaggerated as, in reality, Satan is given limited power by God to do direct harm towards humanity; though he is able to drive, influence or possess humans to do evil.