I wish I could take it all back. I honestly do. I honestly do wish I could take it all back. And not just cause I'm stranded in space. (I know who you are, mate! Yep. We're both in space.) Anyway, if I was ever to see her again, you know what I'd say? I'd say... I'm sorry! Sincerely. I am sorry that I was bossy... and monstrous... and... I am genuinelly sorry. The end.
~ Wheatley with the Space core.

Villains who feel sorry for their past actions but are not fully redeemed. Many of these villains would either redeem themselves or move on to another evil plan.

It is important to note that, with almost every of these characters, their remorse can eventually lead to their redemption (though this is not always the case, as seen with Packie McReary). There are several reasons a villain can feel remorse, which includes:

  • Feeling terrible for exceeding in their misdeeds, they may not truly redeem themselves in some cases but still they show real concern about their actions and the consequences that affect others or/and the villain themselves. Big Brother of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is an example.
  • For helping another villain far more evil than them, unaware that they were tricked and then get eventually betrayed once they are not of their use. Discord is an example.
  • Having committed atrocities in the past and now showing concern in the present on how to fix everything they've done. Benny is an example.
  • Realized their schemes didn't go as they wanted and now want to either solve it with help of the heroes or do it themselves. Shou Tucker is an example.
  • Admit that they were wrong all along about what they thought and believed. Judge Hopkins is an example.

NOTE: this category is for villains who have genuine remorses. Therefore, Pure Evil characters CANNOT be added in this category, as they never feel bad for their wrongdoings and therefore have no empathy.

Also, villains who pretend to show remorse for their actions in an attempt to let the hero's guard down and kill them should not be added here (e.g. Sentinel Prime) even if they are not Pure Evil.


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