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Honey, hush. That's it, you fight. Better that way!
~ Bogs Diamond as he and the Sisters prepare to rape Andy Dufresne.

Villains who have committed rape or attempted to do so. Rape is considered to be a heinous crime; as such, these villains are considered by some as among the most evil of villains.

Most rape is done to assert power and control over a victim. It is not necessarily done due to misogyny, misandry, or any other form of hate, but it may also be done for those reasons. This category can also apply to villains who have had others raped even if they haven't committed the act themselves, such as human traffickers.

While rape is mostly directed towards male villains given that it is very easy for male villains to commit this crime, some villainesses can be rapists as well, like Sonja from Family Guy and Nicole in 40 Days and 40 Nights, as well as villains with ambiguous gender identities such as Val from Outlast 2.

Editing note: not all rapists fall under Perverts as some may commit the act merely out of sadism or hatred alone without any kind of attraction to the victim, such as Bogs Diamond from The Shawshank Redemption.