When she was two years old, that little girl sat on my lap. That is when I swore to God I would rip the f*cking skin off of anyone who f*cking wronged her.
~ Trevor Phillips about Michael De Santa's daughter Tracey.
For countless eons, I have guarded this magical power of time travel. All have been denied, from the mightiest of giants, to the tiniest of warriors. You see samurai, only one man has been prophesized to defeat me. And that man is the only man who can use this time passage. And you, my man... ain't that man.
~ The Guardian about why he protects the Time Portal to Jack
You were suppose to be WATCHING HIM!!
~ Zira lashing out at Nuka for neglecting babysitting Kovu
They are the opposite of what many expect from an antagonistic "boss"; they genuinely care for another being. Whether it be paternal/maternal, romantic, or simply a "matter of principle," these villains will not only treat their minions well, but often go into a rage when their minion(s) are threatened or harmed.

Sometimes, this can be because the minion(s) are relations to the villain, the villain's lover(s), friend(s) or, as mentioned above, the villain genuinely values those who aid them.

This is basically the polar opposite of both the Failure-Intolerant and the infamous "Bad Boss" archetype.

A Pure Evil can never qualify for this category as they care about no one but themselves. And even if they show "care" for some characters, it's only for selfish reasons and they don't truly care for them.