If you're listening to this message, it means I've been defeated, and my core unit is no longer functioning, but I, Makino, have ruled in my core unit. Makino is an idea. The total of everything I have seen. Every world I have absorbed! I am power unimaginable! Power that can be yours! ONE OF YOU WILL BECOME MY HEIR!!!
~ Makino's final message before his death.

Villains who died and have remained dead, yet continue to have a lasting impact and presence from beyond the grave in an earthly and terrestrial way.

They can even be dead from the very beginning of their stories and appear primarily in flashbacks (like Bertrand Zobrist). Their actions in life (including their involvement in villainous events), their legacy, and the harm they caused may continue to have a lasting impact after their deaths. This may include villains from a debut film of a franchise as if they are dead, in the sequels, they may be a reference wich suffers the protagonist.

Editing note: characters who came back as ghosts, zombies, vampires, and so on, cannot be posthumous as well (as their actions are still being carried out by their undead forms) UNLESS:

  • their undead form is also killed off (this time permanently), and they have a posthumous effect after that (i.e. Shane Walsh);
  • their undead form disappears or removes itself from the action and no longer connects with the plot, essentially being permanently removed (i.e. Darth Vader);
  • their undead form is defeated and sent to (or back to) an afterlife or Hell dimension where they can never return;
  • the conflict takes place in an afterlife and they do not reconnect with the world of the living (i.e. Ernesto de la Cruz).

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