I got a new game, sport. It's called "Hide the Soul", and guess're It!
~ Chucky attempting to steal Andy's body
Fake? That's not it. This is the genuine body of Son Goku. Your actual body. But the heart beating within, belongs to me, Zamasu!
~ Goku Black revealing his identity as Zamasu.
Dipper: So, which puppet are you going to pick?
Bill Cipher: Hmm, let's see...eenie...meanie...miney...YOU!
~ Bill Cipher taking control of Dipper Pines' body
Villains who must possess others to interact with the world or those who simply possess others for fun; even those who possess inanimate objects to attack their enemies can apply.

Often, possession is the tool of sealed evils from the past looking for a link to the world. Possession affects both victims of the possessors' malevolent acts and the hosts themselves, who all too often have to live with the evils they have been made to commit.