My name is Ego, and I'm your dad, Peter.
~ Ego reveals himself to be Peter Quill's father.
Villains who are or were parents; anyone with children belongs here. Adoptive and step-parents also qualify.

Many of these villains qualify as Abusers and Disciplinarians, as they may abuse their children (psychologically, physically or perhaps even worse) either because they do not obey or simply by pure sadism - though not all villainous parents maltreat their children.

Likewise, they might corrupt their children, shifting them into villains (some of them can become Tragic characters), and forcing them to carry out their legacy should they fail or die. An example is Aria of Akame Ga Kill! who was trained to kidnap and torture innocent people by her parents.

On the other hand, being a parent can stand as a redeeming quality because some of these villains may reform themselves in order to protect and take care of their children, or saving them from others evil-doers. One well-known example is Darth Vader, who eventually broke up of the dark side by killing Emperor Palpatine upon seeing him torturing his son Luke. Another example is Michael De Santa who redeemed himself by protecting his (ungrateful) family from Merryweather's soldiers.

There are also many characters who are not even aware of being parents, or simply does not care much about that (technically, this can count as an evil deed). It is also possible that some of these villains are Tragic characters, who turned evil because they lost their children. An example is the alternate version of Martha Wayne from Flashpoint.


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